About variablefonts.dev


This project was created by Mandy Michael to showcase the many possibilities and opportunities that variable fonts can offer developers and designers on the web. The aim is to provide developers with the resources and tools needed to use variable fonts in their own projects.

Variable fonts give us more control over our Typography-we can fine-tune the font characteristics to maximise the legibility, readability and overall accessibility of our website text. This is a level of control over our fonts that is unprecedented.

Technology, like CSS is always improving, we now have more opportunities than ever to combine, create and present content on the web in more creative, more meaningful and more purposeful ways - and do so in a way that is more performant and more accessible.

There has never been a better time to be a developer or designer for the web and variable fonts are just one opportunity to think more creatively for our users.

At the very least, we can improve the performance of our websites, but at it’s best, we can make more usable, more accessible, and more meaningful content - and that, is what gets me really excited about the future of web typography and I hope it inspires you to feel the same way!

Thank you,

Mandy Michael and Jello.