A little while ago I was looking for a kooky font to make a text effect with and I came across Irregardless Variable which had mixed width characters. Fascinated by this design I quickly discovered there are a few variable fonts with this characteristic! So I had to make a list of the ones I initially found as they are great for some fun experiments and designs.

Irregardless Variable By James T. Edmondson

Black and white demo of irregardless with a wide thin and thick weight axis

Starting off with Irregardless given it was the inspiration for the post. This font is made by the OhNo Type Co foundry. It has a feature setting that allows the use of different character set for certain characters and also have a light to black weight range.

I really like the quirkiness of the design and the big wide rounded letters!

Get Irregardless - Paid/Commercial

Bandeins Strange Variable By Maximilian Müsgens

Black and white demo of Bandeins strange character widths

Bandeins Strange is the "strange" version of Bandeins Sans, it's width axis allows you to extend some glyphs to exaggerated widths. The above image demonstrates some of the character versions available in the font.

This font is great if you are looking for something a bit more geometric, and, in my opinion, is more suited to display, however in it's "normal" form it can be used as a body text.

Bandeins Strange Variable, - Free for non-commercial use

Widescreen VF Matt Burvill

Black and white demo of Widescreen VF mixed character widths

Widescreen Vf comes with a Weight, Width and Mixed axis, it mixes normal and ultra wide characters and results in a somewhat sci-fi feel. Having the width and weight axis make implementing the mixed axis even more fun, allowing you to sneak in some mixed usage for more impactful type!

Get Widescreen VF - Paid

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